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Definitive Guide to the Camel Trail, Cornwall, UK  |  Cornwall's most popular multi-use trail route


The Camel Trail is 17.3 miles long..



It is a resurfaced railway line..



The entire length is flat & therefore suitable for the disabled..



It's original use was to transport sand inland..



Only a small part of the trail is on roads and shared with normal traffic..


> 50.53616°N -4.93399°W


Wenford Bridge

> 50.54427°N  -4.70297°W

Environmental Management:

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PADSTOW to WADEBRIDGE - the Camel Trail

If you feel like a leisurely saunter along the River Camel whilst visiting the Cornish towns of Padstow or Wadebridge, you're not alone. Not far off one million people a year also use this popular multi-use trail in Cornwall.


Its not just popular with walkers and cyclists either, many naturalists and birdwatchers highly rate this part of the north coast too. In fact, its not unheard of to spot peregrine falcons whilst on this part of the trail, which incidentally, is the fastest member of the animal kingdom.


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Using the Trail from Padstow or Wadebridge

From Padstow (approx. 5 miles): use the harbour as your starting point and follow past the National Lobster Hatchery and onwards along the river. The first main feature you will come across when you leave Padstow is the bridge over Little Petherick Creek. A great spot to stop and take some snaps of neighbouring Rock over the river (especially as the suns going down).


Follow the trail around further past Oldtown & Pinkson Creek, and the river noticably becomes narrower. If you've made it as far as Pinkson Creek though, you are now approximately equidistant from Padstow & Wadebridge.


Keep going and you should be able to see where the River Amble finally joins the Camel and now the historic market town of Wadebridge should come into view...well its landmark bridge anyway.


From here the route is fairly straight as it approaches Wadebridge and offers a welcome rest stop on a hot summers day. This bustling town has a good variety of shops & services and is well worth a visit for a few hours whilst you're in the area. Click here to continue the ride on the Camel Trail


From Wadebridge: of course, if you are starting from Wadebridge you do the circuit in reverse but have the added anticipation of hoping to spot the magnificent ocean around every next corner!



How long it takes to walk or cycle from Padstow to Wadebridge


Padstow to Wadebridge (and vice versa) is approximately 5 miles, so a leisurely walk would likely take around 2.5 hours, and a leisurely cycle would likely take about 45 minutes (remember there are walkers and families also using the trail - code of conduct).


More information in Padstow and Wadebridge


Click here to see our large map of The Camel Trail which points out all the locations outlined above.