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Definitive Guide to the Camel Trail, Cornwall, UK  |  Cornwall's most popular multi-use trail route


The Camel Trail is 17.3 miles long..



It is a resurfaced railway line..



The entire length is flat & therefore suitable for the disabled..



It's original use was to transport sand inland..



Only a small part of the trail is on roads and shared with normal traffic..


> 50.53616°N -4.93399°W


Wenford Bridge

> 50.54427°N  -4.70297°W

Environmental Management:

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JAMAICA INN - more information

Jamaica Inn 


Four miles from Brown Willy is Jamaica Inn, a former coaching house for changing horses during stagecoach runs over the moor. The Inn was also a public house in its former days and it became synonymous for being a base for smugglers and is allegedly one of the most haunted places in Great Britain. Click here for lowest prices guaranteed!


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Map of Jamaica Inn

Although now refurbished and trading as a bed and breakfast, but with a pub, museum and gift shop, on a miserable damp and misty day you can't help but feel the atmosphere of the location here on the moors. It can certainly get bleak up here, thats for sure, but add in thoughts & remnants of those bygone days of smuggling & other notorious associated dramas and you can lireally feel transported back in time within the Cornish mizzle (mizzle - generally means; mist & drizzle!).


Although no longer part of the inn, there used to be a wonderful museum here; Mr Potter’s Museum of Curiosities. This was just as pleasing to walk around as the Natural History Museum, and in this case the museum certainly lived up to its name. Click for more information on Walter Potter.


Between 1984 and 2003, the building housed a large collection of stuffed animals in complex dioramas, such as an animal courthouse or school classroom populated by baby squirrels. These exhibits were created by Walter Potter way back in the 1850s, and were originally housed in his own museum in Bramber, Sussex.


Amongst these strange but enchanting scenes were a rats den being raided by the local police rats, a village school featuring nearly fifty baby rabbits busy writing away on tiny slates, whilst the Kittens Tea Party showed them playing a game of croquet. There was even a guinea pigs' cricket match, 20 kittens attending a wedding, all wearing little morning suits or brocade dresses.


Unfortunately, the collection was eventually auctioned in 2003 resulting in its dispersal.


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