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Definitive Guide to the Camel Trail, Cornwall, UK  |  Cornwall's most popular multi-use trail route


The Camel Trail is 17.3 miles long..



It is a resurfaced railway line..



The entire length is flat & therefore suitable for the disabled..



It's original use was to transport sand inland..



Only a small part of the trail is on roads and shared with normal traffic..


> 50.53616°N -4.93399°W


Wenford Bridge

> 50.54427°N  -4.70297°W

Environmental Management:

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Cornwall Cycle Map

CODE OF CONDUCT for the Camel Trail

When using The Camel Trail it is important that you follow the code of conduct. Not just for the safety of users, The Camel Valley is an important habitat for many species too and therefore it needs our help to manage it correctly and allow it to thrive. Lets all enjoy it together by keeping to these simple guidelines;



Walkers have right of way - The Trail has many different users including older people & people with mobility problems who find the level surface suitable for their use. Give way to prams, buggies and wheelchairs!



Please keep your dogs under close control - Dogs that leave the Trail can cause damage to adjoining private land, livestock, the river & its wildlife.



Cyclists, please keep your speed down - High speed makes it harder to avoid other users & thus causes accidents. Try to warn people of your approach.



Horse riders, please keep to a walking pace - No trotting, cantering or galloping! This reduces damage to the surface & the likelihood of an accident involving other users. Remember that there are young children on the trail. Please note: Horses are not allowed on the North Cornwall District Councils section from Nanstallon to Poley's Bridge!



Please use the Trail safely - Cyclists are advised to wear a safety helmet at all times and to carry a puncture repair kit. Cycling with your dog on or off a lead is very dangerous.



Please clean up after your dog and do not drop litter - Do not drop litter, or light fires. Litter is unsightly, takes years to biodegrade and can be a health hazard. Dog Faeces are a particular nuisance. Dog owners, please take a bag with you and use the dog waste bins provided!



Please respect the privacy of adjoining properties & landowners - There is no public access to any adjoining land, or to the river, except where stated on signed paths.



Please be considerate to all other users of the Trail - Inconsiderate behaviour whilst using the Trail can spoil other people's enjoyment of it.