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Definitive Guide to the Camel Trail, Cornwall, UK  |  Cornwall's most popular multi-use trail route


The Camel Trail is 17.3 miles long..



It is a resurfaced railway line..



The entire length is flat & therefore suitable for the disabled..



It's original use was to transport sand inland..



Only a small part of the trail is on roads and shared with normal traffic..


> 50.53616°N -4.93399°W


Wenford Bridge

> 50.54427°N  -4.70297°W

Environmental Management:

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INTERESTING FACTS on the Camel Trail

You can read more about the original use of the railway track before it became the popular Camel Trail, and don't forget you can also try our quick quiz to test your knowledge on the trail!




The Camel Trail is just a little over 17 miles long (17.3 miles to be precise!)


It can be used by walkers, cyclists and even horse riders (but walkers always have right of way!)


The Trail is predominantly flat for it's entire length, therefore even suitable for the less mobile and disabled


Its a resurfaced railway line


Even during the most adverse weather conditions most of the trail remains in good condition for both cyclists and walkers


Almost the entire length is traffic-free (only a tiny proportion of the trail (250yds) is subject to normal traffic in Wadebridge), so it's a great place for the less confident, young or novice cyclist


The railway line from Wadebridge to Poley's Bridge was actually one of the oldest railways in the world


It was the first steam powered railway in Cornwall


Nearly half a million people use it every year


It can be broken in 3 sections; Padstow to Wadebridge (5.5 miles), Wadebridge to Bodmin (6 miles) and Bodmin to Wenford Bridge (6 miles)


The Camel Trail forms part of the western section of Route 3 of the National Cycle Network (Bristol to Padstow)


Bike Hire is available at Padstow, Wadebridge, Bodmin and Wendfordbridge (Only licensed providers are permitted to hire bikes for the Trail, please check your hirer is licensed)


Toilets are located at Wendfordbridge, Wadebridge alongside the trail and in Padstow town centre. Facilities are also available at The Borough Arms at Dunmere, Bodmin



Camel Trail Grid References (start & finish):

Padstow ~ SW 92185 74823 (X: 192185 Y: 074823)

Wenford Bridge ~ SX 08586 75102 (X: 208586 Y: 075102)



Average Cycling Times for the Camel Trail: 


Wadebridge to Padstow - approx. 45 minutes (5 miles)

Wadebridge to Bodmin - approx. 50 minutes (6 miles)

Padstow to Wenford Bridge - approx. 3.5 hours (17.3 miles)

Wadebridge to Wenford Bridge - approx. 2 hours (12.3 miles)

Bodmin to Poleys Bridge - approx. 1 hour (6.5 miles)


*These times are for cycling at a leisurely pace, although you can obviously take as long as you like to enjoy the pleasant Cornish countryside! There are a number of places along the trail where you can stop for refreshments and/or a picnic too.



Average Walking times for the Camel Trail:


Padstow to Wadebridge - approx. 2.5hrs (5 miles)

Bodmin to Wadebridge - approx. 3hrs (6 miles)

Padstow to Wenford Bridge - approx. 8.5hrs (17 miles)

Wadebridge to Wenford Bridge - approx. 6hrs (12 miles)

Bodmin to Poleys Bridge - approx. 3hrs (6 miles)



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